At Chilli Farms. we beleive in giving back to the community who support us !

At Chilli Farms. we believe in giving back to the community who support us. Chilli Farms' fundraisers are aimed to raise money for organizations such as charities, non-profits, and school clubs. A percentage of the proceeds raised from the buffet meal are donated back to the cause that hosted the meal!

Since May-2018, we raised AU$8000+ through various community initiatives and counting ...

Do you want to run a fundraiser with us? Please read below on how it works?

Uma Pachipala


How it works?

Chilli Farms fundraisers are a relatively easy way to raise money for your group. They’re also great for building community. It can be either lunch or a dinner event and is a joint effort between a volunteer group and Chilli Farms. A date is selected and members of the organization and other community members are invited to eat at the restaurant during a set time period, such as 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Chilli Farms support campaigning the event on their facebook page and placing posters inside the restaurant.

Terms and Conditions:

  • We only support 1 fundraiser event per each calendar month.

  • Religious and political organizations/ causes are NOT supported through this .

  • Restaurant can be made available only from Monday through Thursday for fundraisers.

  • Guests will purchase the buffet meal which is sold at the standard weekday price. Please click here for more information on the menu & pricing.

  • $6 per pax from buffet purchases will be donated back to the cause that hosted the meal. Money will be transferred into a nominated bank account.

  • You can bring your own wine with $5 corkage per bottle. You can purchase other drinks, food. However, no money will be donated from these purchases. Checkout our menu section for beverages and al a carte.

  • You may be allowed to setup a raffle, talk to restaurant management prior to the event

  • Please complete the form below, we will get in contact with you as soon as we can.

Fundraiser Inquiry form

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