Indian cooking classes

for Children

"Indian Cooking Classes for Children" is a community project designed to teach children the diversity of ingredients and culture behind Indian cuisine.


They are provided at no cost during school holidays and are my way of giving back to the community supporting me and my family.

Till date, about 110+ children went through this program.

Scroll through this page for additioanl information.

Uma Pachipala


Stay tuned for upcoming term3 school holiday schedule.


  1. Introductions and getting ready

  2. Overview of Ingredients and Indian cultures

  3. Introduction to kitchen – Equipment, utensils, etc

  4. Make your mango lassi

  5. Fry papad

  6. Cooking Chicken Curry

  7. Cooking rice

  8. Making your naan bread

  9. Finish with lunch

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Kids age between 6 and 10.

  2. This session involves some real time cooking activities in a commercial kitchen, so children must be comfortable to stand and work on a 1 meter heigh bench.

  3. In case of accident or injury during the cooking class, it is sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

  4. Cooking class involves dealing with meats.

  5. Only one parent/guardian is permitted to represent 3 children to max.

  6. Photos and Videos will be taken and published on social media.

  7. There will be a max 10 children allowed per session and enrolled on first come first serve basis

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