1. You can order online 24/7, however pickup and deliveries happen during our store hours i.e 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM

  2. Pickup orders are expected to be ready in approxmately 45 minutes. You will recieve a call/sms from us when your order is ready for pikcup.

  3. The minimum order amount for delivery orders is $10 for distances up to 5km. Its been reduced from $30 during corona crisis. we will revert when things goes normal. For distances over 5 km and under 20km, it is $30.

  4. The delivery fee : $3  for up to 3 km; $5 for up to 5km . For distances over 5km, It varies from $7 to $20 based on the distance.

  5. The estimated delivery time is 2hrs for distances within 5 km. For distances within 10 km, it is 3 hrs. For over 10 km and under 20 km it is up to 1 day.